Begeleidend werken met assistentie van dieren (Animal assisted therapy) – Katrien Kintaert


Animal assisted therapy (AAT) remains a relatively new phenomenon in the care landscape. It is sometimes viewed with a certain curiosity in academic circles, but the theme is usually approached cautiously. With this book, the author aims to give the reader a taste of what an AAT context can look like and what its power can be.

This book is not a complete overview of the use of animals in care. However, an attempt has been made to cover the broadest possible spectrum of new care components that can contribute to achieving the stated care objectives. In addition to much background information on AAT, the book also includes many tips for its practical implementation. Yet it is not a how-to manual. Those who wish to honestly and professionally make use of animals in care need to follow suitable training. Order via: Academia Press Academia Press

22 euro (shipping: 1.30 euro)


Liefde tot op het bot – Wilfried Van Craen


Dogs are the best people whisperers, health therapists and mindfulness trainers. And above all: the ideal source of energy and joie de vivre. Liefde tot op het bot examines the relationship between man and dog from a dog’s perspective. Do people really understand dogs? What is it like to be a dog, and how is it that dogs can enrich our lives so much? And does the unconditional love of a dog for its owner really work?

14.95 euro (shipping: 1.30 euro)






1. Chateau Houte – Mondain Rouge 2012: 6.50 euro per bottle / 36 euro per 6 bottles

  • Has an aromatic expression of red fruit and vanilla.
  • Ideal with red meat and slightly spicy dishes. Good pairing with most cheeses.

2. La Baume: Domaine De La Baume-Les Thermes: 9 euro per bottle / 51 euro per 6 bottles

  • Deep ruby red colour.
  • Strong nose with large amounts of ripe black fruit and a magnificent hint of coffee beans, also with a taste of black fruit, robust tannins, perfect length and fine finish.
  • Excellent with meat dishes, game or poultry, especially when grilled. Also very good with ripe (aged) cheeses.

3. Chateau Belair Montaiguillon 2010: 10.50 euro per bottle / 60 euro per 6 bottles

  • This heavenly, festive wine comes from a satellite town of St.Emilion, i.e Montagne St.Emilion, St.Georges to be more precise.
  • It is the second wine of Ch. Belair St. Georges.
  • 80% Merlot, 10% Cabernet-Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet-Franc.


1. Macon Blanc Villages Domain de Les Perelles: 10 euro per bottle / 57 euro per 6 bottles

  • Refreshing white wine with an attractive yellow colour and a slight greenish tint.
  • Has a fruity, flowery aroma like a Chardonnay.
  • Can be kept for 2 to 4 years.
  • Serve between 8 and 12°C with charcuterie, ham, parsley and chicken.
  • Highly recommended with mild tasting fish. Also excellent as aperitif.

2. La Pélissière Sec: 6 euro per bottle / 33 euro per 6 bottles

  • La Pélissière Blanc Sec is a dry wine with refreshing and subtle citrus fruit aromas and a hint of green apple.
  • The taste is deliciously succulent and fruity with a long finish in which the Sauvignon Blanc comes slightly to the fore.
  • La Pélissière Blanc Sec is an all-round wine for all who enjoy a delightful glass of a delicious refreshing white wine.
  • Ideal alone as an aperitif wine, but its refreshing dry taste also goes well with (grilled) chicken or turkey, fish and summer salads.


1. Cava l’Arboc: 8.50 euro per bottle / 48 euro per 6 bottles

  • Profuse, crisp aroma of green apple and citrus. Ideal aperitif: refreshing and good for the appetite.
  • Goes perfectly with light, elegant appetizers. Salads, oysters, magnificent with sushi!
  • Of course Cava L’Arboq 1919 is also very popular at assorted parties, receptions, …
  • During a blind comparative test by a Dutch/Belgian panel of tasters, Cava L’Arboq 1919 was judged best in the category sparkling wines under the €30 (Crémants, Mousseux, other Cavas): the ultimate proof that this cava L’Arboq 1919 has an exceptional price/quality ratio.

2. Cava l’Arboc Rosé: 9 euro per bottle / 51 euro per 6 bottles

  • Raspberry colour, taste of red fruits.
  • Dry, balanced with clear bubbles.
  • Fresh on the lips with a strong finish of ripe fruit.
  • Ideal as aperitif: refreshing and good for the appetite.
  • Goes perfectly with light, elegant appetizers. Salads, oysters, magnificent with sushi.