When talking no longer seems to make sense, contact with animals under expert guidance can again give direction and form to the care process. People bind easier with animals because animals do not judge or condemn, and offer unconditional affection. This enhances the possibilities for dialogue, education, optimal development and the success of the healing process.

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Our two-year interactive training programme ‘Animal Assisted Therapy’ is presented in partnership with VSPW/Balans, and is certified by the Department of Education. Moreover, in the programme, a deliberate choice has been made for an ecological approach.

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Care programme

In the care programme, we use training as a metaphor for education based on positive affirmation, empathy and respect. Clients receive training in positive leadership, emotional intelligence and empathy by interpreting the dogs body language.

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Our website move, our new name – but especially the process of getting there – was an exciting journey, full of self-reflection, development and growth.

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